Vega is equipped to handle the variety of jobsite conditions associated with the telecommunications industry. We are experts in wireless and wired systems, maintenance, command centers, emergency response and facility support for public and private sectors. We look at the infrastructure, business goals and deliverables desired by our clients and then devise a plan to exceed expectations.

Our project team is adept at maintenance requirements, expansion estimates, security, safety, and functionality for both new and maintenance project budgets in the hundreds or in the millions. We ensure regulatory parameters are met for reliability, and that the facility accomplishes what it is designed to do.

“I/we continue to use Vega not because we have to but because we want to. Vega brings a lot of knowledge and experience with them to the table and adds a great amount of value to our projects. We value our relationship with them and expect it to continue for a long, long time.”

— Randy Fort, AT&T

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