Get to Know Us


Vega Corporation of Tennessee is a full-service general contractor, construction manager, and facilities maintenance contractor that provides quality work to its clients in Chattanooga and the surrounding regions through self-performing and trusted, expert subcontractors.

We began as a design-build firm nearly a half-century ago. That personal touch continues to influence our projects today, as we are commonly involved from the inception of a project, including planning and budgeting, well before construction begins.

Our core philosophy is to build with the goal of establishing a lasting relationship with our customer. As a result, Vega Corporation is a successful, veteran-owned small business operating within the competitive construction industry. Our honesty, effort, personality, and quality work has enabled us to perform multiple projects for hundreds of clients, nearly all of whom become a return customer.

Keeping Pace with the Industry...

Even though the majority of our work is repeat business and much of it is negotiated, we still are in tune with the competitive bid world. Over the last few years, our bidding history has a success rate of 54%, while being in the top two bids 75% of the time. Several years ago, our bid success rate was about 15%, but Vega is now a lean company that is equipped to perform both large and small projects.

Every year, about 80% of our revenue comes from repeat clients. In a recent fiscal year, we performed $18 million in projects, and 92% of that work was negotiated. We get called back because we provide what our clients expect: excellent, quality workmanship, orderly jobsites, safe work, on-time completion, and fair treatment.

For instance, we have partnered with AT&T for more than three decades (since they were South Central Bell), performing continuous construction ranging from multi-millions to just a few hundred dollars. Other common repeat clients include:

  • Memorial Hospital
  • Unum
  • Chattem
  • Regions Bank
  • TVA
  • Olin Chemical